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Sharon Dahan interior design services

Our process


During Onboarding, we delve into your inspirations, aspirations, and functional requirements, going beyond paperwork to lay the foundation for a space that mirrors your personality and meets practical needs. Our skilled designers collaborate closely with you to capture the essence of your vision, aiming to create a design concept aligned with your aesthetic sensibilities.

Design process

At Sharon Design Interior, we craft spaces that tell your story, enhancing your daily living experience. Step into our world, where your project's design journey is a captivating adventure. Let's create a space that speaks volumes about you, guided by our passion for impeccable design. Welcome to a realm where dreams take shape!

Purchasing and project management

For the Purchasing and Project Management phase at Sharon Design Interior, where precision meets perfection in your project journey. Our dedicated team ensures quality and alignment with your design concept, handling every aspect of purchasing, from material selection to logistics. With a focus on timelines and budgets, our project management expertise ensures a seamless progression from conception to completion. Trust us to handle the intricacies, allowing you to witness your dream project unfold effortlessly. Welcome to the phase where every detail is meticulously managed to turn your vision into a reality.


Our detailed planning ensures a smooth installation, considering every angle and dimension, guaranteeing a perfect fit for each piece. From the grand sofa to the hand-carved antique armoire from Indonesia, your vision transforms into a tangible, harmonious design.

As we carefully place each item, the Installation phase brings dreams to life, turning your space into a stunning reality with Sharon Design Interior's expertise. Welcome to the final step of bringing your vision to life.

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